What to do when tapping isn’t working

What do you do when tapping doesn’t seem to be working?

1. First, try drinking some water.  It’s very important to be well hydrated.  Not only is it good for you health, it’s very important with EFT/tapping.

2. Be specific.  Tapping on “I feel angry” is general.  Try to be more specific and describe the anger in more detail.  “I feel angry that my co-worker spoke condescendingly to me in front of everyone at the meeting this morning and I feel that as a tightness in my stomach” is much more specific.

3. Try to remember an earlier time you had the same feelings.  We may be angry or hurt by a current situation, but this could be a trigger from a previous time that something similar happened to you.  For example, you might be upset by something your current boy/girl friend said or did, but tapping on it isn’t bringing down the intensity level.  Take a deep breath and try to pin point what you are feeling and take some time to really feel it.  Maybe it’s hurt and sadness and it’s a pit in your stomach.  Ask yourself, “What other situations did I have those same feelings?”  Try to think of the first time you can remember feeling that way.  Look for just the feelings, the situation doesn’t have to match.  Go with whatever first comes to mind, even if it seems unrelated.  Now do some tapping on that previous situation and after a round or two see if the intensity has changed about your current situation also.


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