About Me

head shot 1, jennette piry, eft practitioner, tapping coachJennette graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with her Master’s degree in Education and Counseling Psychology.  She worked in mental health research for years before becoming a certified EFT Practitioner and Coach.  She is still an avid researcher, and has a deep interest in personal development, Energy Psychology, and Energy Healing.

Since her first job in high school as a co-op at Washington University, Jennette has researched how the brain works, how the mind forms beliefs, and how these beliefs affect our lives and our happiness.  This passion for understanding the mind and its influence has evolved into focusing on different modalities for reducing stress, removing emotional blocks, and healing traumatic memories.

Jennette believes that your mind can be your most powerful ally or your greatest saboteur.  Getting someone’s thoughts, and more importantly their beliefs, in-line with what they want out of life is her main focus in helping her clients reach their goals.  To do this, Jennette focuses on old programing or beliefs that the mind can pick up from difficult childhoods, traumatic memories, or just normal situation and circumstances that we all go through in life.  She then works with her clients to neutralize these limiting or unhealthy programs so that they no longer have a negative influence.  Once the old beliefs are neutralized, new, healthy beliefs can take their place. This causes a shift and permanent results. Our actions follow our beliefs, change the belief and your actions change effortlessly.